The Finish is Just the Beginning

There are numerous ways to approach designing your kitchen or bathroom. Should you start with a style in mind or select your favorite products? Should you consider the wall color or the tile? Instead of fretting about what will work and what won’t, you should begin with a finish you love, pair that finish with the perfect faucet and base everything in your room off of that combination for a truly personalized look. Learn more about how our finishes can bring your look to life.

  • A New Spectrum of Expression

    A New Spectrum of Expression

    Like color, finish preferences are highly personal. Perhaps the boldness of titanium or the warmth of polished nickel speaks to you. Explore our faucet finishes to find one that matches your personality and style.

  • Vibrant® PVD Finishes are produced using state- of-the-art Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology to achieve these elegant finishes. Fundamentally PVD is a vaporizing coating technique involving the transfer of material at an atomic level.

    During this process, vaporized chemicals condense on the substrate forming a thin film resulting in a color finish.

    Every one of our finishes exceeds the industry durability standards two times over. Adding a nickel undercoating enhances the strength and color integrity and gives KOHLER faucets a rich lustre that resists scratching, tarnishing and corrosion.

    PVD Advantages at a glance

    • Enhanced against corrosion and scratch-resistance
    • Lustrous and durable surface for lasting beauty
    • Wide variety of colors and materials to accommodate a multitude of styles

    (Note: Only the finishes labelled “Vibrant®” are Vibrant PVD Finishes.)

  • Own Your Look

    To assist you in creating a complete look for your kitchen or bathroom, we offer a variety of finish-matched products.

  • Vibrant® Polished Titanium (TT)

    Vibrant® Polished Titanium (TT)

    A deep gray finish that fits in well with darker surroundings or monochromatic themes.

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  • Vintage Nickel (VNT)

    Vintage Nickel (VNT)

    A dark, rich finish that makes a bold statement in any room.

  • Matte Black (BL)

    Matte Black (BL)

    A dark, rich finish that makes a bold statement in any room.

  • Vibrant® Polished Nickel (SN)

    Vibrant® Polished Nickel (SN)

    A crisp finish that provides a subtle hint of warmth without creating drama.

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  • Vibrant® Moderne Brushed Gold* (BGD)

    Vibrant® Moderne Brushed Gold* (BGD)

    Contemplative and complex by nature, the new Vibrant® Moderne Brushed Gold inspires thoughtful reflection. (*No gold content)

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  • Vibrant® Brushed Stainless* (VS)

    Vibrant® Brushed Stainless* (VS)

    A soft, quiet finish that coordinates with many modern appliances and faucet styles.

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  • Guaranteed performance

    Guaranteed performance

    To make sure you’re completely satisfied, KOHLER faucet finishes are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.