New freestanding Lithocast baths from Kohler make a bold statement for the bath

New baths offer comfort and sophisticated design to transform the bathing space.

KOHLER, Asia Pacific — August 17, 2010: Kohler combines high design with durable Lithocast™ solid surface material in three bath models of uncommon comfort and style: the Abrazo, Affetto, and Askew Lithocast freestanding baths. 
•    The Kohler exclusive Lithocast solid surface material has a matte finish that looks like stone, but feels warm to the touch and is remarkably easy to clean and maintain.
•    The Lithocast material is comfortable on the bather’s body and each bath has a sculpted lumbar support. 
•    All three baths offer a truly deep soaking experience and feature integral slotted overflows.
•    The Abrazo bath design, inspired by clay pottery, features a unique oval shape that is organic and eye-catching.

•    The Affetto bath draws its inspiration from rolled-up parchments of ink paintings in ancient times and offers a new interpretation to elegance and grace.
•    The Askew bath comfortably accommodates two bathers with lumbar support on both ends. The bath has a geometric design that has the exterior appearance of three slightly-offset, stacked rectangles that create a unique contemporary look.
•    On all three models, the drain is hidden by an integral cover cast from the same Lithocast material to create a smooth, uninterrupted look and a clean aesthetic.
•    The Abrazo bath measures 1676 × 800 × 725mm, the Affetto bath measures 1500 × 1500 × 600mm and the Askew bath measures 1838 × 877 × 625mm.

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